Highly integrated CMOS RF SPDT switch with ESD and unit cell optimisation in MCM

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  • Author: Austin Chen

Presented is the performance of a highly integrated RF single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch fabricated in a 0.18 µm bulk CMOS process and housed in a low-cost laminated multi-chip module (MCML) package. A switch controller is also implemented and consumes 40 µA from a 3.4 V supply. The switch, based upon the 1.8 V thinoxide devices with resistive body-floating and unit cell layout optimisation techniques, achieves an insertion loss of 0.52/0.78 dB at 0.9/2.45 GHz, respectively. TX-to-RX isolation of > 29 dB and return loss of > 15 dB are achieved at these frequencies. The measured IP1dB of 21.7/ 21.2 dBm and IIP3 of 38.3/37.4 dBm are accomplished at 0.9/2.45 GHz, respectively. Finally, the switch achieves a RF electrostatic discharge (ESD) rating of 4 kV for the ± 2 kV human body model and 500 V for the ± 200 V machine model.

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