Radically Reducing the Cost and Size of Cellphone RF Filters to Fuel the Mobile Revolution

The demand for wireless capacity to connect mobile devices and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) to data networks is growing at an astronomical rate. Analysts forecast that there will be 11.5 billion mobile-connected devices by 2019, and that by 2019, mobile data traffic will reach 25 exabytes — or 25 million gigabytes — per month, a ten-fold increase from 2014 levels.

Resonant has new methods of designing filters, developed over many years and protected by more than 70 patents, that can meet these needs and change the present direction of RF Front-Ends (RFFEs) for mobile devices. In addition to creating Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters that have the performance of Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) designs, these capabilities will also allow us to create tunable filters that will dramatically reduce the overall Mobile devices will need to incorporate filters that accept multiple frequencies in one device. This has the potential to be one of the major new near-term advancements in mobile architecture.

This White Paper explains how Resonant used its Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN™) design techniques to develop a state-of-the-art Band 3 duplexer using low-cost SAW fabrication, while achieving performance results that equal or
exceed the performance of the very best available, but more costly, BAW Band 3 duplexer. Future papers will address the more disruptive tunable designs that we believe ISN enables.

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