Accurate Scalable Capacitance/Current-Voltage Based Lookup-Table Diode Model

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  • Author: Ce-Jun Wei, Yu Zhu, Hong Yin, David Whitefield, Frank Gao, and Dylan Bartle

A capacitance and Current look-up table based large-signal Phemt-diode model is presented based on an ensemble of bias-dependent small-signal equivalent circuits. The model is capable of accurate simulation of bias-dependent smallsignal S-parameters and current performance over the dataacquisition bias range. Instead of charge model in conventional Root diode model, capacitance as function of voltage is used. Compared to charge model, capacitance gives more accuracy that fits to higher order of derivatives and avoids potential data instability. The model has also accurate leakage model and can be used for a variety of applications where accurate nonlinearity is of primary concern. The validity of the model is demonstrated by comparing the simulation of DC curves, leakages, and small signal S-parameters over a wide bias range, by comparison of the measured data.

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