Introduction and Operation of the PE42020 True DC RF Switch

Peregrine Semiconductor’s PE42020 True DC RF switch combines 8 GHz RF performance with power handling to DC (0 Hz). This switch features full ±10V DC voltage handling from RFC to either RF1 or RF2 switched port and up to ±80 mA current handling. The PE42020 switch exhibits high power handling of 30 dBm at 0 Hz and 36 dBm at 8 GHz and high linearity with greater than 60 dBm input IP3 and less than –84 dBc total harmonic distortion (THD). Additionally, the PE42020 switch features a 30,000:1 OFF-to-ON resistance ratio.

Intelligent integration of the monolithic die enables the PE42020 switch to pass DC, RF, analog and digital signals without degrading signal performance. Peregrine’s PE42020 True DC RF switch supports combining DC with RF signal path switching. This switch is ideal for test and measurement (T&M) applications such as communication testers, spectrum analyzers and network analyzers and automated test equipment (ATE) incorporating complex combinations of signals.

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