U.S. Guide to Radio-Frequency (RF) Equipment Regulation

RF equipment manufacturers are the vanguard of the Internet of Things (IoT). By producing innovative wireless modules and other necessary ICT products, manufacturers are ensuring the exponential growth of the IoT. It is estimated that within four short years, by 2020, more than 50 billion connected devices will be part of the IoT.

The IoT certainly offers tremendous money-making potential for manufacturers.  But, no matter how good the product, no matter how precise and thorough the product planning, design  and market research, at the end of the day all RF equipment manufacturers will have to deal with regulatory authorities before launching their devices into the marketplace.

In this whitepaper, Guide to U.S. Radio-Frequency (RF) Equipment Regulation, The CommLaw Group delineates the current Federal Communications Commission’s (“FCC”) rules for marketing, authorization and operation of radiofrequency (“RF”) equipment, and provides high-level overviews of the required procedures for testing, authorization, and labeling of the various categories of RF devices. Many of these rules will likely change during the next several months, as the FCC is concluding a rulemaking proceeding that will result in a number of revised RF equipment authorization requirements. We will publish an updated Guide when the new rules take effect.

It is critical that RF manufacturers stay current on the FCC’s RF equipment rules and comply with same. The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau is currently  imposing record fines and other extreme sanctions on suppliers that market or operate RF devices in violation of the Federal Communications Act and FCC rules. Accordingly, in addition to compliance information, the Guide provides an overview of the FCC enforcement process and discusses various means of working toward a resolution, should your company be summoned to appear in an enforcement proceeding.

While the Guide contains an abundance of valuable information regarding FCC rules and processes, it is no substitute for legal support needed by companies active in the IoT sector.   Today’s telecommunications attorneys require a strong understanding of the technologies involved, coupled with experience in multiple areas of law.   Please contact Ronald E. Quirk, Jr., req@commlawgroup.com,  for more information, including information on obtaining our companion publication, Global Guide to RF Equipment Regulation, as well as free initial consultation to discuss your business, applicable regulatory requirements,  and how The CommLaw Group may best assist you in taking on the regulatory burdens and challenges so that you can focus on designing and marketing your inventive products and services.

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