Moving to GaN for Commercial Markets

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  • Author: Tom Kole, Director of Business Development, RF & Microwave, MACOM

Gallium Nitride (GaN), a binary III/V direct bandgap semiconductor compound that provides superior efficiency and wider bandwidth, is steadily becoming recognized as the optimal solution for a variety of multi-market mainstream applications, and is predicted to explode into every aspect of the commercial and consumer markets.

Enabling higher power and performance, GaN technology is transitioning from niche market uses to the commercial power applications. Offering superior performance, greater than 70% efficiency and wider bandwidth, GaN has fundamental characteristics that make it exceptionally well suited to RF power applications. It has the highest power density and can reliably operate at higher temperatures than other semiconductor technologies, which together allow for physically smaller devices. Combine this with electron mobility that is similar to GaAs, and the result is transistors which deliver high power to high frequencies, with comparatively small parasitics.

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