Temperature Dependent Linear HEMT Model Extracted with Multi-Temperature Optimization

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  • Author: Yu Zhu, Cejun Wei, Jerod Mason, and Dylan Bartle

Temperature dependent model is conventionally developed with 1) individual linear model extraction at each temperature and 2) temperature dependence extraction for each model parameter. A novel approach based on a multitemperature optimization is proposed in this study. The new approach is faster and more accurate since the linear models at different temperatures are extracted simultaneously and interrelatedly. It has been found, based on the model extracted, that there is a specific gate-source voltage of Vgs0, where the transconductance (Gm) keeps constant versus temperature. Gm increases (decreases) with temperature for Vgs<Vgs0 (Vgs>Vgs0). With increasing temperature, a substantial decrease in extrinsic inductance is also observed. Our findings are believed to be useful for designing HEMT amplifiers with less temperature dependence.

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