Antenna Alignment Tool for E911 Emergency Caller Location Improvement

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  • Author: David Witkowski

911 is a North American system that links emergency callers with public safety call centers. 911 was originally designed to support wired landline calls originating from a known location of record. As the use of mobile cellular phones has grown, the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that Enhanced 911 (E911) be implemented to provide location information of non-landline callers. Many of the techniques used to locate wireless 911 callers require that accurate locations of cellular antenna towers be recorded, and that the azimuthal alignment of sectored antennas be done precisely. In practice, the recorded locations of cellular antenna towers are often inaccurate and the azimuthal alignment of sectored antennas is often wrong. These errors if left uncorrected will lead to increased response times, increased loss of life, and negative economic impacts. This paper talks about the antenna alignment tool for enhanced 911 emergency caller location improvement.

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