Simplifying Radar Waveform Generation using R&S Pulse Sequencer Software

The need to properly represent the ever changing complexities of the RF environment across communications, surveillance, electronic support measures (ESM) and signal intelligence system (SIGINT) with the advances of signal complexity and bandwidth, requires an enormous test and measurement effort.

Extensive field tests are often applied to verify the performance and capabilities under preferably natural but controlled conditions. This is both costly and requires a great deal of time.

RF signal environment generation using Test & Measurement equipment brings field tests into the laboratory, where a controlled, cost-effective and reproducible environment exists. The R&S®Pulse Sequencer software is a versatile tool to generate arbitrary and realistic RF signal scenarios ensuring system readiness for the real operational world.

This application note introduces the R&S®Pulse Sequencer software, explains several examples that are applicable for research, development, before operational and during life-time test in detail, and guides you through the necessary steps, to generate a self-defined, arbitrary real life RF signal environment.

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