Power Inductors 101

  • Author: By Tim Shafer, VP Product Marketing

Today, there are many sizes and types of inductors on the market for a variety of applications. This article will discuss power inductors, which can loosely be defined as any inductors that are designed to handle more than one amp of current.

Power inductors are typically used for energy storage in DC/DC converters or high current noise filter applications, including motor speed control, adjustable lighting, DC power conditioning, and more. Power inductors can be divided further into two groups - shielded and unshielded.

Unshielded power inductors have an open magnetic circuit where the magnetic flux induced in the core by the current in the winding exits the core and extends through the air to the other side of the core where it completes the flux path. A simple solenoid inductor is a good example of an unshielded inductor.