IoT, Wearable, & Low Power: Performance Optimized Quartz Crystals

The IoT market is on an explosive pace of growth with industry projections of $470B for IoT related hardware, software, and other comprehensive solutions. The current installed base of 15.4B devices is expected to exceed 30.7B by 2020. Major IC OEM’s includng Intel, ARM, Samsung, and QUALCOMM are actively engaged in the development of reduced process geometries down to 10nm and even 7nm FinFET architectures. The primary driving force behind this industry trend is related to the reduction in total consumed power, while improving overall performance. This effort is being undertaken to facilitate the practical implementation of battery powered end-solutions (consumer, medical, IoT, industrial, etc.), requiring extremely low power in a feature-rich environment. These advancements, however, have significantly impacted the traditional clocking circuit.

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