Integrated Circuits (ICs) and Component EMC Testing

Most IC devices operate within the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. When these devices co-exist with many other products, the RF spectrum becomes more congested and creates a complex electromagnetic environment. The heart or core of these electronic devices- “components” - must be hardened to operate safely and reliably in the intended electromagnetic environment. Additionally, the more electronic devices that these technologies interact and co-exist with, the greater the potential for disturbance (RF interference) among them. The largest challenge for emerging applications will be RF compliance of products and their component parts, not only with regard to regulatory requirements, but also a greater emphasis on operational environments to ensure proper performance, and public safety.

Almost every Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) problem ultimately starts or ends at an electronic circuit. Due to the focus on energy savings and reduced power consumption, there is an increased demand for low power ICs and circuits designed with reduced supply voltages. This results in the degradation of circuit immunity levels as incident RF disturbances can easily influence a lower-power circuit. Therefore, it is required to evaluate the performance of these components for both EMI and EMC during the design stage.

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