ALL mXTEND: Sharkfin Automotive Devices

A Sharkfin mobile antenna car is, among others, one of the many applications of the new ALL mXTEND chip antenna component. These type of automotive antenna elements, fully harmonized in terms of design with the car body, optimize mobile coverage while enabling a seamless operation to the car driver.

The new Ignion has Sharkfin reference design explains how to deliver full mobile performance, including LTE700, in just a small 40x40 package. The result is a minimal visual impact of the Sharkfin element while providing flexibility on the final form and design factor. The small size and full mobile worldwide performance of this Sharkfin solution is enabled by the features of the ALL mXTEND chip antenna product. Owing to the unique properties of this Virtual Antenna technology, the miniature and off-the-shelf ALL mXTEND chip antenna component covers the entire mobile spectrum from 698 MHz up to 2690 MHz.

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