5G Network Slicing for Vertical Industries

As the world becomes ever more digitally and globally connected, industries are experiencing an ICT-driven transformation. There are many different global trends that can account for this dramatic projected growth, including; rise in emerging economies yet to be immersed in the digital world, urbanization of integrated mobility, digital revolution, new health and wellbeing demands, scarcity and stability of resources and more.

Business trends such as hyper competition, new customer power and sophistication, change in business ecosystems and disruptive technological advances all affect vertical industries to different extents. 5G will be a major technology in growing industrial digitalization, creating and enhancing industry digitalization use cases such as autonomous driving, augmented reality support in maintenance and repair situations and more. Vertical industries have addressed their connectivity and communication needs with dedicated or industry specific solutions. 5G technology will provide a common base to provide a more cost efficient, open, interoperable and large eco-system enabled solution platform for the various vertical industries. 

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