Small Cell Siting Challenges and Recommendations

Mobile network operators’ (MNOs’) drivers to deploy non-residential small cells are changing rapidly. Filling coverage gaps was the initial priority, but now MNOs are embarking on densification too – deploying a layer of targeted capacity to deliver consistently high performance and quality of service even in areas of the heaviest usage. Densification involves large numbers of cells, even for LTE, and the numbers will increase in 5G because of its increased capacity requirements, higher spectrum bands and support for new services such as smart city applications.

This white paper sets out the reasons why densification is becoming urgent; the benefits it will deliver; the barriers that still remain; and the work done so far to address them. It also sets out a clear set of guidelines, designed to help cities and other stakeholders and regulators to adopt a common, streamlined approach which will maximize the benefits of densification for all sides.

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