Terragraph - Virtual Fiber for High-Speed Fixed Broadband

Facebook Connectivity’s mission is to bring more people online to a faster internet. Terragraph serves this mission by reducing the time and cost for service providers to deploy high speed connectivity through the use of millimeter wave technology.

To help evaluate Terragraph as a solution for high speed fixed broadband connectivity, Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary Magyar Telekom - the largest Hungarian telecommunications firm - conducted trials in Hungary, using the technology to connect homes that had only copper/DSL for broadband formerly. This effectively raised the speeds by over two orders of magnitude (from ~5 Mbps to ~650 Mbps) and dramatically changed the internet experience for customers in the trial.

The trial demonstrates Terragraph’s viability as a commercial fixed wireless access solution.

This paper describes the trial deployments in detail, outcomes to date, and highlights the opportunity to use Terragraph for rapid and cost-effective deployment of Gigabit speed broadband connectivity.

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