Application Fixture (CG2H40010F-AMP1) for Counter-IED Power Amplifier Applications Using Two CG2H40010F GaN HEMT

Wolfspeed developed an application circuit that demonstrates the ability for the CG2H40010F to operate between 500 MHz to 3000 MHz for counter improvised explosive device (C-IED) / jamming power amplifier applications. The circuit utilizes two devices connected using a hybrid coupler in a balanced configuration. It is an ideal driver for the CG2H30070-AMP1 and AMP2 high power output stage GaN HEMT application fixture design. This application note describes the typical performance that has been achieved and what can be expected when evaluating the application fixture.

Key features of the amplifier include:

  • Frequency range 500 MHz – 3000 MHz
  • Over 16.5 dB of small signal gain
  • Over 47 % drain efficiency
  • 20 W typical saturated output power
  • Gain flatness < 3.5 dB
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