Glass Packaging for RF MEMS

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  • Author: Rajiv Parmar, Jay Zhang

In recent years, advancements in High Performance Computing and Photonics are driving towards high density semiconductor packaging requirements that are creating a need for the adoption of novel material sets. Glass has many attractive properties that help address product level challenges such as low height, and smaller, packages. It also offers high resistivity, low dielectric constant, adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), and low electrical loss. These properties can also be leveraged for RF and Mobile applications where battery life is paramount.

To further utilize glass’ material properties for interposers and compact substrates, it is necessary to form precision or Through Glass Vias (TGVs). Mobile cellular networks are rapidly evolving towards 5G, which is set to exploit a wider spectrum of frequencies that range into mmWave. RF MEMS technology is a promising approach to addressing RF Switches, which are key building blocks into RF Front Ends. This white paper shows the usage of glass based packaging solutions and TGVs to offer low form factor, broadband RF MEMS switches.


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