Pulsed Phase Noise Measurements

With advances in digital signal processing techniques modern wireless communications systems and radar systems have become increasingly digital and more constraints have been placed on packing more information into less and less bandwidth. On the wireless side, modulation formats have become more complicated with less margin for symbol error. On the radar side, modern radar systems are trying to extract more information about the targets they track andprovidethe ability to track slow moving targetssuch as automobiles and personnelin the presence of clutter. For both communications and radar systemsone of the key RF parameters that limits system performance is phase noise.

As systems engineers develop new and more advanced RF systems, phase noise of oscillators and transmitters can no longer be overlooked. This application note will focus on phase noise measurements for pulsed RF carriers such as those used for radar systems. It will address some of the physical limitations relating to pulsed phase noise measurement and introduce the capabilities of the new Rohde & Schwarz FSWP phase noise analyzer.

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