Expanding Addressable Use Cases for IoT by Using Wi-Fi & LoRaWAN

Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN are two of the most adopted unlicensed technologies and together they address a large proportion of IoT use cases. The approaches for these technologies are on the disruption of private-public business models and also enabling participation in 5G success. This white paper intends to demonstrate how these two widely deployed IoT Connectivity technologies can be utilized in tandem to effectively support a vast array of use cases. The paper will summarize the strengths of each technology, their individual positions in the IoT ecosystem, state their complementary nature, the way that both technologies can be easily deployed simultaneously and provide testimonials. The work aims to showcase to Wi-Fi network owners and/or network service providers how LoRaWAN can be deployed on the top of an existing Wi-Fi network and, as a complement, will allow for operational costs optimization.

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