Significance of Surge Protection for Radios

Long-term performance of wireless radio equipment, withstanding multiple surge events; requires operational functionality of equipment and non-degradation of data integrity and throughput. Dataline surge protection devices (SPD), engineered specifically to protect radio equipment from transients and other power anomalies; ensures a high level of service and minimized interruption of data delivery. A simple, effective surge protection device (SPD) ensures continued service, minimizing costly site repairs and lost revenue. If the SPD is not engineered to the correct specifications using appropriate technology, it may initially protect network devices. However, the SPD may compromise the integrity of data signals, causing intermittent communication issues.

A test environment clearly demonstrates how a properly engineered and installed SPD protects critical network equipment. Transtector evaluated a series of radios in a lab environment by subjecting the radio units to typical environmental transients. Engineers then recorded the test results.

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