Extending Existing Spectrum Analysis Equipment into 5G Wireless

For RF equipment manufacturers and system integrators (SIs), 5G represents a huge opportunity. Mobile operators are in a race to be the first to provide reliable 5G coverage to new markets, and they need spectrum analysis equipment for test and measurement, mobile drive testing, and coverage mapping that covers the frequency of new 5G signals. For companies that already have equipment designed for 3G/4G/LTE, an RF downconverter can extend performance into 5G. This whitepaper will introduce the signals being considered and used for 5G wireless and explain why these signals have created a need for new spectrum analysis solutions. It will then discuss the challenges mobile operators are facing when deploying 5G networks, and show how you can adapt your products to address these challenges. Then it will look at the benefits of working with a third-party RF downconverter over building an entirely new product.

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