Antenna Considerations for Wi-Fi 6

As we all know, the degree to which we are all wirelessly connected around the world continues to increase. According to Internet World Stats, almost 57% (officially more than half) of the world population is now connected to the internet. As wireless technologies continue to develop and evolve, this trend will only grow. Not only is the number of connected people increasing, the sophistication and complexity of wireless technologies also deepens. With the increasing number of our world population becoming connected via the internet and with the ever-increasing development of new wireless technologies, the need for faster speeds and increased bandwidth also looms.

To mitigate these technological needs, the Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology – Wi-Fi 6 (also known as or based upon the IEEE 802.11ax standard). This application brief discusses how antennas and antenna systems must evolve and/or perform to function successfully in a Wi-Fi 6 world.