Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for 5G & LTE: Signal Generation and Analysis

This Application Note supplements the R&S video series, describing signal generation and signal analysis for Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for LTE and 5G NR. You can view the video series below.

In this illustration, a four frame (40 subframes) long LTE sequence will be created, and exemplary MBSFN slots inserted, carrying 5G payloads. That signal sequence will be compiled and played by the SMW signal generator. The FSW signal analyzer LTE and 5G NR personalities are then used to analyze and verify the content of each subframe/slot. Three methods are presented, (1) Manual Entry using the GUI, (2) SCPI command sequence/remote control and (3) configuration file. The latter variants require the download of various files, available at the bottom.

The configuration file approach offers the fastest time to initially setup. The SCPI command sequences provides some insight of the functionality and settings at each step, and the supplied MATLAB® script (only core license required) provides a prototype to illustrate the programming of successive slots or subframes. The Manual Entry approach, using the instrument's front panel GUI, provides a step-by-step set-up instruction, which can itself be augmented with SCPI recording, for easy modification and programming.

Video Series:

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