Mobile + GPS in a Small IoT Module: Worldwide Smart Tracking, Only One Antenna

Thingy:91 - Your new smart tracking device ready to use, embedding TRIO mXTEND antenna component & nRF91 cellular IoT System-in-Package.

The latest wireless technology to connect any IoT smart tracking device worldwide is built and ready to use in a 50 mm x 50 mm package. At Ignion (NN) and Nordic Semiconductor, we are eager to show you Thingy:91, a miniature IoT module tracking and sensor that incorporates both cellular and GNSS in the same antenna component while providing worldwide connectivity from 700 MHz up to 2200 MHz.

Thingy:91 is also a very easy to use IoT cellular prototyping platform, it is thought to help you with your next IoT smart tracking/sensor design without the need to build the whole hardware from the beginning. Find any position with the GPS feature and the global range of LTE bands provided by the TRIO mXTENDTM, while at the same time control all the environment and movement data: temperature, humidity, air quality, air pressure or even light data.

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