NGMN 5G White Paper 1

NGMN has had a central role in the definition of operator requirements, which has contributed significantly to the overall success of LTE. In the meantime, LTE has become a true global and mainstream mobile technology, and will continue to support the customer and market needs for many years to come. While supporting the development of LTE and its evolution, NGMN has developed the 5G requirements. This is outlined by the operators, in close interaction with NGMN partners, in this White Paper. The NGMN White Paper serves as a guideline for 5G definition and design, and provides also insight into areas of further exploration by NGMN and other industry stakeholders.

This NGMN 5G White Paper begins with and builds on an outline of the 5G outlook. With the business context beyond 2020 distinctly different from today, the emergence of new use cases and business models are discussed. These are driven by the customers’ and operators’ needs and enabled by the maturity of existing and emergence of new key technologies. Based on this outlook and its attributes, the NGMN vision for 5G is formulated. This serves as an inspiration to develop the requirements and the related technology and architecture guidelines.

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