Advanced BAW Filter Technology and Its Impact on 5G

The global rollout of 5G, and the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things, create significant new RF filtering challenges. Qorvo’s bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter technology is advancing to overcome these challenges. Among the chief developments: BAW filters are evolving to support higher frequencies and increased bandwidth for the new 5G and Wi-Fi band expansion. Complex multi-filter modules (multiplexers and antennaplexers) are being used to address RF system challenges, particularly with 5G. Additionally, a smaller uBAW (micro-BAW) form factor helps squeeze complex RF front end (RFFE) architectures into the limited space available in handsets and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. At the same time, Qorvo’s BAW technology helps to mitigate the problem of heat dissipation associated with higher frequencies and smaller form factors.

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