Improve 5G Testing with Reliable Microwave/RF Cable Assemblies

A significant portion of a test system’s stability and repeatability is determined by the precise performance of microwave/RF cable assemblies connected to it. They are an integral part of 5G test systems and play a key role in ensuring test reliability and measurement accuracy. The challenges with cable assemblies in 5G test systems are generally no different than any other test system. However, 5G testing does have the added twist of over-the-air (OTA) testing. Therefore, cable assemblies should have specific attributes to accurately and effectively support component and system testing.

The 5G test industry requires improved reliability of cable assemblies to help improve test outcomes. You cannot trust the product performance if you cannot trust the test results. Therefore, engineers should understand how cable assemblies affect the test system to maximize and optimize overall performance. Selecting a reliable, high-performing microwave/RF cable assembly will eliminate many of the common problems experienced with test systems. For instance, poor-performing cable assemblies can cause delayed production, increased troubleshooting and maintenance, frequent calibration, data integrity issues, additional re-testing, higher total cost of ownership, compromised test system performance, and reduced test throughput.

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