Leveraging Differences in Packaging to Customize Amplifier Performance

The GRF4004 is a high-linearity driver with low noise. It is fabricated in a 250 nm E-mode pHEMT process and packaged in GRF’s standard 1.5 mm DFN-6. For applications above 1500 MHz which require high input-referenced linearity and very low noise, it is ideal. However, for sub-1 GHz applications, its high gain degrades the input-referenced P1dB and IP3.

So, if we want to quickly modify the GRF4004, how could we do that? Is there an easy way to change the device packaging so that we can create a GRF4004 derivative product optimized for a different frequency band?

Here is the challenge: Improve the input linearity of the device while allowing only minimal impact to the NF.

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