Wi-Fi 6: The Next Generation of Wireless

Another new amendment to the Wi-Fi standard! Every new generation of Wi-Fi brings an opportunity to pause and consider the transformational changes that will be affecting us in the coming years. Today, Wi-Fi networks already experience bandwidth-intensive media content and multiple Wi-Fi devices per user. Moving forward, networks will face a continued dramatic increase in the number of devices, a tripling of the total global IP traffic, and a diverse range of new technologies that will all heavily rely on Wi-Fi.

As with previous generations, Wi-Fi 6 (also known as 802.11ax) will improve high density performance and provide faster throughput. In addition, this new generation of Wi-Fi will augment customary speed and density improvements with new capabilities designed for technology trends of the future. IoT connections will represent more than half of all global connected devices by 2022. Virtual and augmented reality network traffic is poised to grow twelve-fold by 2022. Wi-Fi networks of the future need to be nimble and efficient to accommodate increased client density, high throughput requirements, and a diversity of new applications

Wi-Fi 6 offers several new improvements to make it the highest performing set of wireless protocols ever developed. Not only will Wi-Fi 6 boost overall performance, but it is designed to perform efficiently in real-world scenarios. New features such as OFDMA, uplink MU-MIMO, TWT, BSS color, and new modulation schemes all work together to allow end users to experience always-on connectivity without bottlenecks or performance degradation.

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