Why Choose Microwave Technology?

Microwave energy has gained in popularity within a variety of industries since the home microwave first enjoyed widespread adoption in the 1960’s. Raytheon, the company that invented the home microwave when they began selling the “Radarange” in 1947, would go on to manufacture the first Single Mode dryer in 1965. They would continue to pioneer new industrial microwave processes with the development of the first Continuous Tempering System at 25kW in 1970 and the first 25kW microwave generator in 1972. Many of FMT’ founders got their start on the Raytheon team developing these revolutionary processes. Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) would go on to eventually purchase that same business unit and we are proud to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of the science.

With the advent of large-scale microwave drying and tempering technology, microwave cooking moved from home kitchens to large food processing plants. As safety concerns were alleviated by improved technology and cost concerns by increased efficiency, industrial microwave applications expanded. There are many other non-food applications for industrial microwave systems that utilize microwave properties for drying and heating. Examples include timber processing, coal drying and bio-waste treatment. New applications are being tested and proven every day.

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