Requirements for Wideband Power Amplifiers Used in mMIMO Applications

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  • Author: Abdulrhman M. S. Ahmed, Zoran Anusic, Greg Durnan

In this article, some of the requirements of power amplifiers (PA) used for massive multiple-input, multiple-output (mMIMO) applications will be discussed. These requirements are gathered from our experiences in this application. Some of the requirements are related to the PA design and some are line-up requirements. The importance of Amplitude-to-Phase modulation (AM/PM) of an amplifier and the impact of its behavior on linearizability will be presented. Likewise, the impact of the measurement setup configuration on the wideband PA linearizability problems and solutions will be discussed.  The focus will be on the design of PAs using Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistors. We will demonstrate high power50Ohm asymmetrical Doherty amplifier line-ups with excellent wideband digital predistortion (DPD)correction up to 200 MHz.

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