EDA Software Design Flow Considerations for the RF/Microwave Module Designer

Miniaturization of consumer products, aerospace and defense systems, medical devices, and LED arrays has spawned the development of a technology known as the multi-chip module (MCM), which combines multiple integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors dies, and other discrete components within a unifying substrate for use as a single component. The MCM design approach includes a wide range of components on a single module by partitioning the system in order to realize each part with the best technology for the task and then combining the die/packaged ICs and other components onto a single multi-layered printed circuit board (PCB) “module” that contains all the interconnects, bias circuitry, fi lters and other passive components, and sometimes even a planar antenna. Consequently, MCMs offer superior performance for complex RF and microwave applications by including numerous implementation technologies within the same system.
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