Driving Innovation Shortens Design Cycle by 65% for First-to-Market MEMS RF Switch

Founded in 2016, Menlo Micro is an Irvine, California, technology company that leverages its design center in Albany, New York, to innovate advances in material science and develop high-performance microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) switches. With its Ideal Switch, Menlo Micro has created a new category of electronic switches. The switches are made from custom metal alloys plated onto glass wafers with through-glass vias, technology developed in conjunction with partner Corning. The Ideal Switch replaces larger, less efficient relays and switches and eliminates compromises and trade-offs by combining the benefits of electromechanical and solid-state switches.

Utilizing its Ideal Switch technology, Menlo Micro is introducing the MM5130, an ultra-low-loss radio-frequency (RF) SP4T switch, to address high-power switching applications up to 26 GHz. The MM5130’s unique design incorporates a novel MEMS cantilever switch built with proprietary metal alloys and enclosed in a fully hermetic glass package.

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