European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem

In the coming decade, 6G will bring a new era in which billions of things, humans, and connected vehicles, robots and drones will generate Zettabytes of digital information. 6G will be dealing with more challenging applications, e.g., holographic telepresence and immersive communication, and meet far more stringent requirements. The 2030’s could be remembered as the start of the age of broad use of personal mobile robotics

6G is the mobile network generation that will help us tackle those challenges. 6G will likely be a self-contained ecosystem of artificial intelligence. It will progressively evolve from being human-centric to being both human- and machine-centric. 6G will bring a near-instant and unrestricted complete wireless connectivity. A new landscape will also emerge for the enterprises, as a result of the convergence that 6G will allow in the fields of connectivity, robotics, cloud and secure and trustworthy commerce. This will radically reshape the way enterprises operate.

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