CNTFET Technology for RF Applications: Review and Future Perspective

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  • Author: Martin Hartmann; Sascha Hermann; Phil F. Marsh; Christopher Rutherglen; Dawei Wang; Li Ding; Lian-Mao Peng

RF CNTFETs are one of the most promising devices for surpassing incumbent RF-CMOS technology in the near future. Experimental proof of concept that outperformed Si CMOS at the 130 nm technology has already been achieved with a vast potential for improvements. This review compiles and compares the different CNT integration technologies, the achieved RF results as well as demonstrated RF circuits. Moreover, it suggests approaches to enhance the RF performance of CNTFETs further to allow more profound CNTFET based systems e.g., on flexible substrates, highly dense 3D stacks, heterogeneously combined with incumbent technologies or an all-CNT system on a chip.

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