Substrate Integrated Transmission Lines: Review and Applications

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  • Author: Ke Wu; Maurizio Bozzi; Nelson J. G. Fonseca


This paper presents a general overview of substrate integrated transmission lines, from the perspective of historical background and progress of guided-wave structures and their impacts on the development of microwave circuits and integration solutions. This is highlighted through a technology roadmap involving the categorized five generations of microwave circuits. In particular, the substrate integration technologies are reviewed and discussed with focus on technical features, design highlights, component developments, structures evolution, and systems integration. A number of examples are presented to showcase some of the selected milestone research and development activities and accomplishments in connection with substrate integrated transmission line technologies, with particular focus on substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) techniques.

Practical applications and industrial interests are also presented with key references and technical results, which show more and more product developments in the end-user sectors. It can be found that the popularity of SIW techniques is closely related to the achieved seamless integration of planar and non-planar structures into a unified design space, thereby allowing the possibility of combining major advantages of all the structures while alleviating their potential drawbacks. The future perspectives of the substrate integration technology are discussed through five major research directions, which suggest potential impacts in the development of future generations of circuits and systems such as system-on-substrate (SoS).

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