Simulation and Automated Modeling of Microwave Circuits: State-of-the-Art and Emerging Trends

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  • Author: Qi-Jun Zhang; Emad Gad; Behzad Nouri; Weicong Na; Michel Nakhla

Microwave modeling and simulation are essential to designing microwave circuits and systems. Although fundamental concepts and approaches for modeling and simulation are mature, the drive to higher frequencies, tighter design margins, and more functionality/complexity of circuits continue to defy the capabilities of existing modeling and simulation methods. Newer algorithms are being developed to address the speed, accuracy and robustness of design algorithms. Coupled with the advent of more powerful computers and algorithms, microwave design automations are solving much more complex problems in much shorter time than previously imaginable.

This paper describes the advances and state-of-the-art in automated modeling and simulation. Automated data-driven modeling approaches covering data sampling/generation, model structure adaptation, and model training/validation are described. Simulation of nonlinear microwave circuits is described covering formulations of simulation equations and advanced solution algorithms addressing problem size, convergence speed and solution accuracy. The descriptions highlight fundamental concepts, advanced methodologies, and future trends of development.

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