5G RF Design Startup Delivers Cutting-Edge GaN/GaAs Devices on Day One

The next generation of cellular applications requires complex devices that can amplify signals in the upper-gigahertz range while handling high-power density and high voltages. With 5G cellular networks becoming the focus of the RF (radio frequency) market, demand for GaN and GaAs power amplifiers is on the rise, as is the competition.

To achieve success in the growing wireless industry, a company must deliver cutting-edge devices at competitive speeds. Doing so requires powerful design and simulation tools that can accurately measure the high frequencies that 5G demands.

An RF design startup in Northern Ireland delivering custom monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) solutions recently found itself up against a substantial hurdle while working with GaN and GaAs technology. The company, iconicRF, grappled with how to quickly deliver the reliable GaN and GaAs device modeling and prototypes its customers demanded for a range of cellular, wireless, and aerospace applications. Using Keysight PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) software, iconicRF found a way to reduce its risk of delivering high performance customer prototypes with a first pass success rate. PathWave ADS also decreased design and simulation time — all within a year of starting business.

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