Hi-Rel Components for Space Applications

The extreme operating conditions of the space environment combined with lack of access for repairs  and zero tolerance for failure necessitate intensive qualification of electronic parts usedin space missions.  Mini-Circuits has a successful track record of screening components for space applications, and our experience in this area has led to robust testing and qualification programs for the parts we supply for these systems.

Qualification requirements for space applications  vary by program, materials and component type. Mini-Circuits offers a wide variety of hi-rel, ceramic components capable of meeting space level screening requirements.  These include our extensive line of LTCC filters and diplexers, couplers, splitter/combiners and baluns, as well as a broad selection of amplifiers, mixers, limiters, and attenuators utilizing our hermetic LTCC packaging platform.  This article will present examples or “case studies” of components supplied for space systems and describetypical qualification processes used to screen each of these product groups for spaceborne systems. These examples highlight Mini-Circuits’ advanced capabilities in meeting qualification requirements to ensure high reliability for space missions.

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