10 Questions System Integrators Need to Ask When Choosing a Spectrum Analysis Platform

More end-users now depend on reliable spectrum access for all aspects of their business, and these companies need to be able to analyze and understand the spectrum environment around them. As requirements continue to evolve, system integrators (SIs) are uniquely positioned to develop and build these RF solutions for end-users by selecting the right mix of hardware, software, and accessories.

In particular, the spectrum analysis platform that SIs choose to build the solution around has a big impact on the success of the project. There are multiple platforms and approaches that SIs can take depending on the end-user’s requirements, and ultimately the platform that is the best fit will vary depending on the application and deployment scenario.

This guide is designed to help SIs ask the right questions, compare vendors, and select the right platforms. It is broken up into two sections; Must Have Requirements for all applications and Application Specific Requirements that will depend on the use case.

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