6 GHz License Exempt: Why the full 1200 MHz and why now?

As companies and organizations that are device manufacturers, chipset vendors and applications providers that rely on license-exempt, licensed, and shared spectrum, The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance is excited to be part of a wireless industry that has done so much to advance global quality of life and economic growth. A key part of their job is to continue to innovate on the massive success already enabled by Wi-Fi. To do that, license-exempt spectrum access to the entire 5925-7125 MHz band is critical.

This paper explains the technological reasons for this, and why recently introduced competing proposals are poor alternatives in comparison to opening the full 6 GHz band to license-exempt technology.

This White Paper consists of several sections that explain the essential need for availability of the full 1200 MHz from 5925-7125 MHz to support Wi-Fi and 3GPP’s New Radio-Unlicensed.

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