Qualcomm Wi-Fi Ranging: Delivering ranging and location technologies of tomorrow today.

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  • Author: Christine Zhang, Ali Raissinia, Rolf de Veg

Modern mobile devices leverage Wi-Fi location (as well as other technologies such as Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband) and ranging technologies for a wide range of applications and use cases.

Wi-Fi ranging technology uses time-of-flight measurements to estimate the distance between two Wi-Fi devices. Since its introduction, significant progress has been made with new industry standards and subsequent generations of chipsets and end products that support Wi-Fi. This progress has led to greater levels of accuracy and performance, enabling a wide range of potential use cases.

The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide insights into the history, use cases, performance factors, and near-term innovations of Wi-Fi ranging technology. We also discuss statistical methods that application developers and other solutions implementers can use to enhance ranging accuracy in their applications. We draw on the results of extensive measurement campaigns using the Qualcomm Wi-Fi ranging technology to demonstrate achievable ranging accuracies in real-world scenarios.

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