60 Ghz Wide-Band Communication Module That Also Supports The New 5G Band

Recently, high-speed, high-capacity networks have become essential for all kinds of communication. In particular, high-speed, high-capacity wireless networks are considered one of the key technologies for Industry 4.0 and will have wide-ranging applications in addition to conventional ones in the near future. Among current wireless networks, Wi-Fi, especially, is expected to be applied to broader areas because of its convenience. Wi-Fi for the next generation is required to offer high-speed, reliability, low latency and multiple connections, but conventional Wi-Fi systems that operate in bands including 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz cannot meet the requirements due to their limited bandwidths. Thus, for the next-generation Wi-Fi, the use of mmWave is indispensable, and 60 GHz-mmWave (57-71 GHz) is regarded as one of the major candidates. The standard for 60 GHz-mmWave Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11ad, includes a wide channel bandwidth (2.16 GHz), TDMA (time division multiple access: a channel access method for shared-medium network) and high-directivity beamforming. These features will satisfy demand for high-speed, huge-capacity wireless networks. IEEE 802.11ad-based wireless networking is expected to be applied in use-cases in indoor and outdoor environments. The use-cases include fixed wireless access (FWA), wireless back-haul, enterprise, and V2X (vehicle to everything: communication between a vehicle and other vehicles, people, or infrastructures). In fact, some kinds of proof of concept (PoC) have already been carried out. It is assumed that mmWave communication will contribute significantly not only to improving conven tional technologies in current application areas but also to opening up new applications in the near future. Fujikura has developed a 60 GHz wide-band communication module that covers the entire 60 GHz band including the new 5G band for above-mentioned applications and also evaluated the module in indoor and outdoor environments.

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