Ampleon’s Ultra Wideband Doherty (UWD) for TV Transmitters

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  • Author: Bill Goumas, Peter Forth

The key features of the latest generation technology of LDMOS transistors are unprecedented ruggedness along with best-in class gain and efficiency. Ampleon is recognized as expert in Doherty circuit and device technology and their application to the UHF-T V market. Trends in the UHF-T V market are discussed here as background information.

A proof of concept LDMOS based ultra-wideband broadcast Doherty (UWD) amplifier is also presented here. This amplifier is a starting point in Ampleon’s family of high power UWDs. This high-power Doherty design technique enables fractional bandwidths > 50 %. This amplifier covers 470 - 803 MHz with Peak power of > 750 W, DVB-T power of > 115 W and efficiencies of 38 - 47 %. Pre-distortability is demonstrated by satisfying the digital TV linearity requirement of -38 dBc with a commercial DVB-T exciter.

Roadmaps for Ampleon’s UWD amplifiers along with a summary of our existing Demo Boards are shown. The significant impact of the UWD on transmitter operating cost is presented.

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