Why stop at the Window? Bringing 5G mmWave Indoors

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  • Author: Monica Paolini, Senza Fili

Mobile operators and other service providers who bring FWA to the home or workplace using 5G mmWave have a new powerful tool to complement Wi-Fi connectivity inside the premises: indoor mmWave coverage. MmWave indoors does not eliminate the need for Wi-Fi coverage: mmWave and Wi-Fi complement each other and together they enrich the user experience. For service providers, this is an opportunity to make FWA more valuable to subscribers, increase service stickiness, and increase the frequency reuse of mmWave licensed spectrum. For subscribers, indoor mmWave coverage means higher throughput, and less congestion and interference.

This paper explores the opportunity for mmWave FWA service providers to add indoor 5G mmWave coverage along multiple dimensions: deployment options, benefits over a Wi-Fi only model for indoor coverage, business models, and use cases for both residential and business users.

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