Superconducting and Spin Qubit Pre-Screening

FormFactor and Keysight have collaborated to develop an integrated measurement solution for Pre-Screening Qubit Devices that allows quantum system engineers to eliminate wire-bonding and packaging from cryogenic test processes and to provide critical qubit performance parameters at 50 mK to enable streamlined deployment in their existing dilution refrigerators at 20 mK to enhance development cycle times by more than 2X. The joint integrated measurement solution is fully optimized for qubit pre-characterization applications which eliminates the time-consuming process of selecting each individual piece of equipment and integrating it. The system returns initial qubit parameters to accurately pass/reject devices prior to final deployment in a dilution refrigerator. An example qubit pre-characterization routine implemented on the Model 106 integrated solution by a leading superconducting circuit developer, Seeqc, can also be found in this brochure.

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