RF Power Transistors for Broadband Applications

The evolving requirements of defense communication and counter measures continues challenge power amplifiers transistors with wide bandwidth and a mix-mode of waveforms from QAM, OFDM to constant-envelop (FM) with extended video bandwidth to support multi-carrier applications. This must all be done in a small form factor with a workable thermal management design. These software-defined radios with their frequency agile, multi-mode requirements continue to demand transistors that are more efficient and linear over a wide dynamic range and bandwidth.
Ampleon addresses these challenges and applications with two transistor technologies: Si LDMOS and GaN-SiC HEMT.For Applications below 1 GHz, we have a wide selection of options and power levels for Si LDMOS to address multioctave bandwidth applications. For applications that operate above 1 GHz, GaN-SiC HEMT typically will be the right technology choice as the higher Ft and lower parasitic capacitances help support broadband at these higher frequencies.

This whitepaper will review our products and reference design examples that demonstrate both Si LDMOS and GaN-SiC HEMT with their broadban linearity features at high efficiency set points. Ampleon has a long heritage of Si LDMOS transistors and is now offering its 9 th Generation of technologies in support of broadband applications. These Si LDMOS products are outlined below and come at a range from 28 V through 65 V operation. Further, Ampleon recently released its 3rd generation GaN-SiC HEMT. These devices were specifically engineered to deliver broadband power with unrivaled linear performance over a broad bandwidth. Ampleon’s broadband selection options will help you match the application to the right device and reference design.

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