Vision and Societal Challenges Working Group Business Validation, Models and Ecosystems Sub-Group

Europe is investing significant resources in research and technology development of 5G networks through the 5G Private Public Partnership (5G PPP). In addition to various scientific and technological topics, the effort focuses on societal and business challenges creating value with 5G networks. This white paper discusses 5G ecosystems as a prerequisite for value creation for and by the engaged stakeholders and return of investment as a potential award for the engagement.In any case the 5G ecosystems must ensure an environment which allows rapid evaluation of service concepts, technologies, system solutions and even business models, at a level that minimizes risks related to introduction of commercial services and products. In the longer term, and with the evolution towards 6G, the challenges for functioning 5G/6G ecosystems can be mastered by the engaged actors that identify and grasp the opportunities and align value creation with the European and global sustainable development goals.

This White Paper concludes by emphasizing success factors under the control of the industry which makes it easy to innovate in and attractive for firms to join the 5G ecosystem. Among factors that ease the ecosystem moving forward are technological openness in the form of, e.g.,open SW, APIs, and HW. Standards will continue to play a vital role for beyond 5G and 6G technologies. Openness in the form of interoperability based on pan-European, cross-border, cross domain business agreements are equally important, e.g., roaming agreements.

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