A Dual-Band Answer to the Challenges of 5G Backhaul

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  • Author: Emmanuel Saint Dizier, Benoit Bled, Benjamin Gao

$2.2 trillion. That is the anticipated value of the 5G market by 2034 according to research from the GSMA. It is a huge opportunity to make significant headway on the economic recovery that is essential in a post-Covid world. However, the vision and market value of 5G is absolutely contingent on having the right infrastructure in place to support it.Take a state of the art F1 car. A feat of precision engineering with top speeds of 246mph and recognized as the fastest cars in the world. Put it on a dirt track and that 246mph is nothing but theory. 5G faces the same conundrum, without a solid infrastructure, the theoretical vision and the associated benefits remain completely hypothetical.

Reliable back-haul is an absolutely critical part of that solid infrastructure and so one of the big challenges that operators face is how to deliver robust back-haul that marries the capacity, coverage and reliability to let 5G reach its promised potential.

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